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Here are some recent testimonials:

October 2018 – following free trials for LingoZingo Parent & Youngster classes

“We both really loved your Spanish lesson and will definitely join the class.”

August 2018 – GCSE French tuition

“Thank you so much for today’s first lesson. N. was thrilled and chatted away enthusiastically all the way home. She has already gained confidence.”

July 2018 – parent who brings her daughter to one of the Parent & Youngster classes.
“I must say a big thank you for all the Spanish you taught me. I am in Spain on holiday with friends and have managed to get by on what you have taught. I had no idea I was taking in as much as I have. Looking forward to learning more in September.”

September 2017 – following free trials for the LingoZingo Parent & Youngster classes

“thank you for the lovely lesson. The girls enjoyed it and we picked up some tips too. We’d love the girls to join.”

“My son enjoyed it! I am so glad for the opportunity for him to broaden his horizons in his ability to communicate with others. Thank you also, as I think the class was amazing!”

“(My daughter) loved the session, thank you and yes, we will be returning.”

“(My husband and daughter) really enjoyed Saturday’s lesson, I will pay for this term.”

“thank you for the brilliant Spanish class today! (My son) wants to come next week.”

February 2017 – classes held in a Nursery with 3-4 year olds (pre-school)

“Just to let you know that S. really enjoyed your French class today. She showed me her family picture and explained who most of us were in French.” (using language which was only introduced that lesson.)

February 2017  – LingoZingo Parent & Toddler classes

“We did some French lessons with you before my daughter started primary school and she loved it.  But in her school they teach French only from year 3.. it would be great if the school allowed some French workshops or fun lessons before that to fill the gap, we hope to see Lingozingo at her school one day 🙂 x”

January 2017 – LingoZingo in private Nurseries

” My daughter used to attend French lessons at Bright Horizons in Epping. I was wondering whether it would be possible to sign her back up this term please? She has not stopped asking to go back to your classes and still speaks a bit of French at home!”

Sept 2016 – tuition/classes

“Another recommendation for Lingo Zingo. We have taken part in excellent classes and also had private Spanish lessons for my 5 & 3 year old. Really engaging, the kids loved it and managed to absorb quite a lot!”

Sept 2016 – Parent & Toddler class

“K. (3yrs old) and I loved your class and she was repeating the words and the numbers all weekend”

Sept 2016 – Parent & Toddler class

“The girls enjoyed practising this week – they even asked to watch Peppa Pig in Spanish and recognised some of the words from our class :-)”

March 2016

“thank you so much for arranging the French tutor. She is so lovely, she works to the girls’ individual learning styles and they are learning so much.”

March 2016:

“I would like to say we are loving the Parent & Toddler classes.  I have joined a few Spanish classes in the past. Lingozingo is by far the best.  We have learnt so much in a short space of time.”

March 2016:

“It has been an amazing bundle of fun for G.  to learn but most importantly enjoy to speak Spanish because of your very creative and enjoyable lessons. Just want to say big THANK YOU for all your efforts in the last few years and contribution of how you taught Spanish to G. and me. “

January 2016 parental feedback from Parent & Toddler classes:

“we have enjoyed it thoroughly and the lessons are beneficial… it is really fun learning Spanish with you!”

April 2015  Headteacher of a primary school

“at the recent parents evening, the children said they enjoy and learn a lot in your French lessons. Parents were reporting that the children are enthusiastically telling them about the lessons and are speaking French at home!”

April 2015

“the sessions have constantly been of a high quality. Both my son and myself have enjoyed them immensely.”

“thank you for all your hard work, patience and above all brilliant teaching methods which make LingoZingo so enlightening.”

Jan 2015 

“Both my children really enjoyed Jo’s lessons and I was amazed at how much Spanish they learnt.”

“my daughter loved the French class!”

Dec 2014

“I can’t recommend these classes highly enough. My 3 year old little girl is learning Spanish amazingly. Especially as both parents only speak English. She is often using Spanish words in her  everyday life after just one term!!”

Parent and Toddler classes – reactions after free trial classes, Sept 2014

“R. has been singing ‘LingoZingo’ all day. . . She said she didn’t want to go back next week, but wanted to go back Now, Now, NOW!!!Lol!!! See you next week”

“Thank you for today. We enjoyed ourselves. We will be there next week.”

“It was fantastic and very innovative to teach foreign language in such a   way,  I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my son.”

Teacher Training, 3/9/14

“Thank you ever so much for this afternoon. The inset was great and the games and activity ideas in particular were extremely useful! . . . I look forward to speaking to you soon to             discuss further insets”

Quality tuition from expert teachers – August 2014

“Want to recommend the language tutors at LingoZingo, run by Jo Schwartz. They cater for all ages and run classes for pre-schoolers. My daughter just got an “A” in her GCSE French, which would have been impossible without Judith’s coaching!”

After a free trial of a French Parent & Toddler class, June 2014

“I was gobsmacked when I was peeling his orange at supper on Saturday evening and he counted the segments in french with no prompting from me! I hadn’t realised he’d understood so much of what was happening around him! . . . see you in September.”

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