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Jo Schwartz


I set up LingoZingo in January 2013 to provide a fun and exciting way to introduce languages to young children and adults, both in classes and with private tuition. Since LingoZingo began it has grown rapidly as people appreciate the quality service that it provides.

Now, as we approach our 6th birthday, there is an amazing group of 20 + teachers offering tuition on behalf of LingoZingo, in Foreign Languages and English as a Foreign Language for both children and adults alike, and Maths, English and Science tuition for primary and secondary students. It is very satisfying being able to provide families with highly qualified, experienced teachers and it is equally satisfying being able to give the work to the teachers. Everyone wins!

I am an Oxford graduate with a BA Hons in French and Spanish and a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages. I have 25 years of  teaching  experience. Fifteen of those years were spent teaching French and Spanish to A-level standard in secondary schools, part of which I was also Head of Year. Also, I have considerable experience in teaching primary age children, as well as adults, and have three young children of my own.

I am always on the look out for qualified teachers who can contribute to, or expand on the range of languages on offer.  I am pleased to introduce some of this              (ever-expanding) team of wonderful teachers who provide their services for LingoZingo 

Judith Bishop

Judith Bishop

Judith offers German and French classes and tuition services with LingoZingo. She is hugely experienced, loves bringing fun to learning and has a tremendous track record of exam success with her GCSE and A level students. She is also very skilled at supporting children with special needs, such as dyslexia. This is what she says:

“I have a BA (Hons) degree in French and German from London University and am passionate about the correct delivery of these languages from an early age. After several years’ teaching these subjects to GCSE and A level at a public school in Devon, I became Headmistress of a preparatory school where I introduced French and German from the Kindergarten.  It amazed me to see how the           children enjoyed the different sounds and how quickly they learned rhymes and simple phrases.  By the time children are 9 or 10 years old there is nothing to stop them having a grasp of simple grammatical structures too.  I believe that language learning should be fun and exciting.  Early positive experiences will undoubtedly lead to greater success and enjoyment, it’s just a case of having a go! 

Jan Hicks

Jan is a recently retired Head of Languages and she is much in demand for her tuition and teaching  in French and Spanish. She is a kindly, friendly lady who enjoys making her lessons fun for little  ones, and is supportive and skilled at helping exam students achieve their best at GCSE and A level. She is experienced also with working with students with special needs, including dyslexia, Aspergers and Downs Syndrome.

Martina Perugini

Martina joins LingoZingo as an Italian and Spanish specialist – we are delighted to have her on the team! She is available for tuition, classes, Translation and Interpretation Services.

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“I am a native Italian with a degree in Interpreting and Translation and a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages. I am passionate about languages and learning about other cultures. I have lived in Italy, Ireland, Spain, France and now England and I love visiting new places all over the world. I think that learning a language is an intensely rewarding and enriching experience which should start from a young age. I have a young son who is being brought up bi-lingual and I can see how natural and       effortless learning a foreign language can be for young children.”

Lydia McWhinney


I am delighted that Lydia McWhinney is part of the LingoZingo team. She is similarly a          highly qualified, experienced teacher, who will bring big smiles to little faces! She is an integral part of the tuition team, offering French and Spanish to children and adults.

Anja O’Sullivan

Anja is a very talented and lovely lady! She is German and is fluent in Spanish and English. She is available for tuition, classes, Translation and Interpretation Services.


“When qualifying as a nursery teacher in Germany I spent the final year living in Valencia, in Spain and working in a German School teaching German to the 3 to 6 year old children. This experience strengthened my belief that children can learn another language very easily, if it is delivered in a fun and playful way. I am a strong advocate of teaching a foreign language to our children from a young age as it builds new pathways in their brain and opens their mind to different cultures and the big wide world out there. Raising 3 bilingual children myself (German and English) gave me a much more personal experience in this matter, which I am still thoroughly enjoying!

Living in Valencia also gave me the opportunity to live and “breathe” the Spanish language and      culture, which I love! I made the most of my time by studying Spanish to a high level. I successfully passed the official Spanish Diplomas offered by the renowned Instituto Cervantes. More recently for the past few years, I have been responsible for preparing students and conducting oral examinations at GCSE, AS and A2 level at a local secondary school.

There is so much fun you can have exploring a new language, I’ll never get tired of it!”

Nathalie Castillo

Nathalie is a fantastic teacher of French and Spanish and English as a Foreign Language (ESOL and EFL). She comes highly recommended and she is experienced at teaching young children, exam students and adults alike.

Alice Edge                                                                                                             

LingoZingo is delighted that Alice is available to tutor French and Spanish at all levels, in the        areas around Ludlow, Worcester, Hereford and Shrewsbury.


” I hаve 8 yeаrs experience аs а privаte tutоr аnd 7 yeаrs wоrking in а high-аchieving secоndаry schооl аs 2nd in lаnguаges. I аm а Speciаlist Leаder in Educаtiоn fоr lаnguаges аnd hаve wоrked аs а cоnsultаnt in оther schооls tо suppоrt with meeting tаrget grаdes at GCSE and A level. Language learning should be both fun and interesting and I pride myself on the fact that students enjoy my lessons, and often develop a life-long interest in languages. I expect pupils who are working towards exams to work hard and I have high expectations of them both at home and in lessons. I offer a high level of support so that they feel confident to take risks in their learning.”

And there are many more . . . !

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